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How To Prepare For The Photo Shoot

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Exercise your active dog before attending your shoot.

Taking two different tactics can be necessary, depending on your dog's disposition.

It can be advisable to give your dog some quiet time before the session if they are slow or old, or if they simply spend more time sleeping than doing anything else every day. However, your dog will probably benefit from some exercise if you have a crazy toddler on your hands. But please be careful not to exhaust your energetic dog!

The photographer wishes to capture the genuine character and reactions of your dog!

Bring Treats!

It’s no secret that most dogs love food, so I can hold up a treat behind the camera to grab their attention. This is the best time to break out the “good” stuff — pick really smelly, savoury treats that they don’t usually get, so they are extra excited about earning it!

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