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Photo Paw


Photo Paw aim to give you portraits that capture your pet’s individual personality and quirks.

The little things that make them treasured family members. Whether it’s a gentle stroll round a country park, a fun filled hike up the hills we will tailor the experience to your pet’s personality. We truly believe the true beauty of photography is having the images turned into stunning wall art or a beautiful album, to be seen by your visitors.

Cute Dog
Cute Dog

The Shoot

Your photoshoot is at a location that suits your dog.
Water baby? Local beach might be an option!
A little nervous? A Quiet Park location would be a better fit!
Over-excited with new dogs? Forest Option might work!
We’ll work that out together during your pre-shoot call.

Photo Paw


The mission of Photo Paw Photography is to provide the highest quality photographs that capture that exact bond, and present them as stunning prints to hang at your home for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Cute Puppy
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